A town of 40,000 people in the north of United States.

One day in the early morning, a cardboard box was found in front of Mr. F's house.
In that box, there were pieces of human flesh...
A series of murders had started here.

A cleaner found two bodies in a municipal pool two days later.
The stomachs of the bodies were ripped to shreds with something incisive like a bear claw.
The serial killings took place three days later, four days later, and two policemen at night duty were killed on the sixth day.

Even though the town imposed a curfew, victims were increasing each day.

The whole town was filled with great horror.
A rumor started to circulate---"The werewolf has done this."
The werewolf legend had been told for a long time in this region.

After 3 weeks, the police tracked down the suspects and took them in the abandoned prison.
In this isolated prison, the suspects were given a mission that they find and execute the werewolves.
What was given to them was one pistol, supernatural power, and the judgment to see the truth.

Now the battle of humans and werewolves has started in this prison to survive the nightmare.