Q. How many numbers of players are the best to play the game?
A. If you have eight or more players, you can enjoy the game more because the cards have more variation and there are more interactions among the players. Please play this game with ten or more friends if you can.
Q. What is different from the werewolf game using the actual cards?
A. In the card game, the game master cannot join the game, but he or she can also join the game in this “Nightmare in Prison”. In addition, this app provides explanation so that everyone can be a game master.
Q. Can I have an eye contact with other players after I’m dead?
A. No. You can know the roles of all the players when you die, so please do not make any action to tell the roles of other players. However, the dead players can talk to each other in a different room where other players cannot hear.
Q. I have a werewolf card. The Fortune Teller found out that I am a werewolf, but am I dead?
A. No. You can justify yourself in any ways. For example, you might lie you are a Fortune Teller or claim that the player who found out that you are a werewolf is a Psycho. It is up to you how to deceive the citizens.
Q. I have a Fortune Teller card. Can I disclose that I am a Fortune Teller?
A. Yes. In this game, you can say both the truth and the lie. However, if you disclose that you are a Fortune Teller, the werewolves may try to kill you. When to disclose is a key to win.
Q. What’s gonna happen when there are two or more werewolves and they do not choose the same player to kill?
A. When the werewolves choose different players to kill, one player will be chosen randomly from them.
Q. Can I ask what is described for night action to other players to guess the roles of them?
A. Yes. You can ask any questions in this game. However, if you are playing with beginners, you should avoid this kind of questions to enjoy the game.
Q. I wanna have a paid party using this app. Should I ask for a permission?
A. No. You can use this app as you like.
Q. I wanna introduce this app on my website or in my book. Should I ask for permission?
A. No. You can introduce this app as you like. Please contact us from “Contact” if you wanna have interview.